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Originally Posted by Tart Cherry Jam View Post
Great! And it sounds like you are getting clearer on your druthers.
I think I am!

I told guy #1 that he doesn't communicate with me in between seeing each other, that I would want more than that, and that I don't know what he's looking for. He said he wants more too, but that we live far apart, which we do. We live like two hours away from each other, so seeing each other frequently is not an option. Plus, he is super busy in his life. He's out six nights a week photographing and videotaping live musicians. I cannot keep up with that kind of lifestyle. And when would we actually see each other? It's been infrequent and periodic.

Guy #2 messages me every day. We talk. We're getting to know each other. You have to get to know someone to date them. I feel like guy #2 and I are far closer to actually dating than me and guy #1.

Guy #1 is like more for hookups and sex.

Which brings me to the question now: do I back out of guy #1's benefit party for his nephew in two weeks, when we are supposed to sleep together in a hotel that night?

One thing I CANNOT do is have sexual relations (sex) with two people at the same time.

AND, I am spending the next two weekends with guy #2, on overnights together. We likely will end up having sex on one of those weekends, which is right before I am supposed to go to the hotel overnight with guy #1. Oh boy. Did this get messy fast!!!

At least I told them both about each other... I feel good about that.

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