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Default Nov 12, 2023 at 05:10 AM
When someone is narcissistic THEY need to be the baby/child that needs attention and coddling. They do not genuinely feel for you/others. That is why your husband was not only selfish and dismissive with you but also his own child who now suffers because she did not get to be the child but instead had to deal with her father demanding that role.

Narcissistic individuals are me, me, wa wa, I I, feed me, feed me (ego). And if you donít feed them the way THEY want they have a tantrum. Thatís how it goes. Always the hero or the victim, never the villain

The best thing to do is get strong take care of you and be independent and ignore them. Know they are not capable of being an actual adult they need the coddling and their fantasy world.
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