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Default Nov 20, 2023 at 06:48 PM
Iíd think people do hormones and surgeries because they care about that stuff, I doubt they do it for the society. I agree that society shouldnít care. Like I donít care how someone walking on the street looks or whatís in their pants.

I do care how I look though. If someone feels they are a woman, they usually want to look like one and itís hard to accomplish without hormonal changes and often surgeries. Sure one can carry a purse and wear a dress and make up but they might not be happy looking like a man in a dress with a purse and make up (thatís exactly how theyíll look) if they identify as a woman. Now if they are a man who likes to cross dress or dresses as a woman for other reasons, then sure they might not care for hormones and might be ok the way they are. But thatís not who many transgendered people are

As about whatís between oneís legs. I think itís important for many people for the whole bunch of reasons (even as mundane as being able to wear swim suit on a beach or certain clothes fitting right and then more serious stuff like having certain kind of intimacy etc) . Of course not everyone would care but I am sure many do.

And from what I heard, transgender people often dislike their genitalia and want them to match their gender, itís understandable. . Heck I am not transgendered and am a biological woman. I sure donít want penis.
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