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Default Nov 21, 2023 at 07:54 PM
By the way, given my previous examples, I feel a need to point out: I see no reason why someone with two X chromosomes should not be allowed to work in construction, have a high and tight hair cut, or sit casually sprawled out in an armchair, even if her name remains Gloria and she identifies as female. Nor should George, who identifies as male, not be allowed to grow his hair long, put on a dress and makeup, and carry a purse if he so desires. The point being made here, if Iím understanding correctly, is that there is a difference between doing things more common to the opposite gender, and actually identifying as the opposite gender. George in a dress is still George in a dress, and thatís OK if thatís what he wants, but Gloria in a dress wants to be a woman through and through. Do I have it?
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