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Default Nov 22, 2023 at 05:23 AM
Originally Posted by Albatross2008 View Post
I don't know. The South changes much more slowly than the rest of the country does. When my brother came out, in the 1980's, there were some relatives he never could tell, and we couldn't mention in front of. His partner was his "coworker" or his "roommate" to those relatives. Even in the 2000's a lot of people in the South would look strangely at a man wearing earrings, and think a woman's place is in the kitchen.

And don't get me started on my family's racism.
I agree. Well yeah in the 80s. Not too many people were accepting or understanding in the 80s and then with the HIV thing. Lots of misconception

Many families are still backwards and you canít come out even now. Not only in the South. And the whole concept of someone being transgender is new to many people and is often misunderstood.

Itís certainly could still be rough for LGBTQ anywhere you go. Racism and antisemitism are alive and well too, sadly.

I just meant that many things you mention that should be allowed are very much allowed and arenít uncommon anymore, generally speaking. Not saying they are common everywhere. There are places in the world and in the US that are still behind.

Several of car mechanics in my dealership are women and there are women now on road construction crews, more everywhere. Ton of guys of any age wear long hair. Several of our male students wear make up, heels and purses. No one cares. Things are moving ahead. And I am not in any kind of advanced place. Regular old Midwest.

I hope things will change in the South too. But sadly it looks like things are going backwards not forward
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