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Default Nov 25, 2023 at 10:53 AM
I tore my fingernails off down to the quick again Thanksgiving night. I was in bed watching tv/movies and started picking my toenails and my fingernails started to tear. Thatís a trigger. I was rereading this thread after my last post and noticed that I had motivated myself last year by noticing Thanksgiving was coming up, so that kick started my willpower to keep that upcoming date in mind as a short term goal.

A new thing that has helped is (on top of the usual nail care), rubbing neutrogena hand cream into my cuticles. I do use cuticle oil, which is good, but rubbing in the hand cream after helps immensely. In addition to kind of locking in that oil, it creates a short term barrier to not see/feel where the cuticle may be dry or ragged.

Iím also going to look at fidget toys today, but I havenít had luck with those in the past. Itís not enough to just have something to fiddle with, I need something that creates a feeling of flow as well or else I wonít be motivated to use it. Iím also going to try to be mindful of cutting my toenails regularly & start to wear socks to bed now that itís cold out.
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