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Default Nov 29, 2023 at 07:11 PM
Hello everyone i am dealing with my sons schitzoaffective disorder. He went to the hospital on the psych ward for a months stay. I myself have schitzophrenia. Therefore i know what it is like. I was afraid they would put him on thorizine because Ive been on it too and I lost my mind I would say because of it. I say that because on it I felt weak and useless. The doctor called me after they put him on it and told me he was in a catotonic state. I knew that would happen, because it happened to me. He went after one of the nurses and tried to hurt her. my son has never tried to hurt anyone. I had pleaded with the staff not to give him thorazine. In my eyes they were the ones that were at fault. The nurse took him to court and got an order of protection, which I dont blame her for but now this will be on his record which he never had anything bad on it before.
If anyone knows of a different type of medication that could be used for schitzoaffective people please let me know.
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