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Default Jan 28, 2024 at 06:49 PM
Originally Posted by mote.of.soul View Post
Big hugs and condolences to you Moose72. Totally feel you. Not sure where my heart will be when it's my fathers turn. Maybe we get to see them again on the other side when we're all pure souls. Peace and love to you.
Thanks, @mote.of.soul I canít help but wonder if his drinking contributed to his death. Most likely it was all of his medical issues together that did him in.

Wellbutrin XL 300 mg
Caplyta 42 mg
Ingrezza 80 mg
Ativan .5 mg 2x/day
Propranolol 20 mg 2x/day

Mania (December 2023)
Mixed episode/Hypomania (September 2023)
Depression, Anxiety and Intrusive thoughts (September 2021)
Depression & Psychosis (July/August 2021)
Mania (April/May 2019)
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Thanks for this!