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Default Feb 27, 2024 at 11:31 PM
looking for some advice. Im moving out april 1st and i was going over my budget i basically have like 500$ to pay for rent groceries and gas after i pay all my bills. im looking for a room to rent. i have a car accident settlement coming up in about 2 months. i could get back enough to pay off all my credit card bills, my car. that would free up about 500$. because of my disability i cant do my primary job so im starting over. i need to either find some kind of training or courses for a new career. jobs ive been looking at that i could take online courses would take about 2 yrs. i need something soon to get off of disability so i can make more then 2218$ a month. any advice would be helpful. my stbxw really screwed me by divorcing me in the middle of this transition while im disabled and starting over in a new job field.
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