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Default Re: How are you all dealing with coronavirus and the restrictions... #2

Originally Posted by hvert View Post

@BreakForTheLight were the antivax/lockdown protests a big thing there? I've seen news of them floating around but you can never tell. We had a couple of protests locally but the photos made them seem bigger than they were. Also the no dancing rule reminded me of my youth - due to zoning laws, there were some music venues that would not allow dancing, one in particular I went to frequently. You could stand and sway a bit but you would get yelled at for doing much more!

How much transmission ever even happened in stores? I hear about it happening in workplaces and at personal events, like weddings. Can't we change our policies now that we know more?
Eh, I've heard about protests against the restrictions but to be honest, I don't think people pay much attention to those idiots anymore. It's been going on since the start.

There were some riots in NL recently but that was mostly hooligans using the corona restrictions as an excuse to destroy things

You can never really know with 100% certainty where you caught something I guess. Over here masks are still required in stores and generally you're only there for a short amount of time and not that close to people so I think transmission in stores would be quite low.

Originally Posted by Discombobulated View Post
Itís the same here at the moment @hvert mandatory masks on public transport and stores everywhere else anything goes. I do think bars and restaurants are higher risk than stores, people are there longer and face to face, often very close.

I think I the reason behind it isnít exactly science but economics- hospitality canít really function or thrive with masks and less people in. Stores are essential, they have to keep open whatever happens - supermarkets didnít get the government support like hospitality had to. So if they make it difficult for hospitality theyíll need to give government support again - and they really donít want to do that.
It's absolutely economics - they're not even pretending it's anything else in NL.

So that interview I mentioned I had to test for a while ago.... I am starting a new job in January and I'm so relieved to get out of customer service! But also sad about all the co-workers I never even got to meet because I've been working almost completely from home for the past 2 years
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Default Re: How are you all dealing with coronavirus and the restrictions... #2

@BreakForTheLight - Yeah, that is weird. Part of my husband's job is supervising law interns. An internship is required to become a lawyer here. Internships last six months, so he has had group after group of interns come and go without ever meeting them in person.

In the past, he would sometimes get together with the interns he had good relationships after they had finished. One invited us to see her boyfriend's band play. We used to meet up with another guy and his girlfriend for drinks or dinner every so often. We even went to their wedding. I taught English classes to another. Now, they are just faces on a Zoom screen.

And a HUGE congrats on the new job. I hope it goes well!
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Default Re: How are you all dealing with coronavirus and the restrictions... #2

In the UK we keep getting these side shows from our government, the latest one is an alleged Christmas party at Number 10 Downing Street last year when we were under lockdown and mixing was illegal. There is video evidence of politicians talking about it. I have no problem believing it. Sadly it will only fuel conspiracy theorists.

Last Christmas our work celebration at the supermarket was packed lunch bags to either eat on our break or take home, and at that time we were only allowed 2 people in the staff room at one time which made organising breaks a nightmare, but the inspectors did come in regularly to check. This was Christmas for essential workers all over the country. Not to mention the poor people who had to make do with Zoom Christmas gatherings online. One rule for us and it seems another for them, constantly flouting their own rules.
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