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I went through 13 years of abuse by mental health professionals. There is no available legal or board actions. I tried for several years.
I also sustained years of abuse as a child.

All I hear is forgive them and move on with your life. Ok so I stated I forgive each and everyone.
I still have horrible flashbacks and memories which brings it all back. I have done EMDR, meditation and mindfulness. I have done hypnotherapy etc. nothing stops above. I have sleep problems because of the things and have been sleep deprived for 10+ years. I have been to sleep disorder clinics.

I am asking “step by step guide” on how to forgive people so I can at the age of 70 have a peaceful life? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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It is easier to forgive people when first, you can forgive yourself. Closely examine your own thoughts. Ask yourself truthfully if you are angry with yourself. If the answer is yes, then that is your first step. If no, then reading other peoples trials may help.

People are flawed and many struggle terribly to just survive. Sometimes they cause harm unintentionally and sometimes they lash out like an abused animal. True malevolence is very rare. I was able to forgive my abusers when I forgave myself for allowing the abuse and then confronted my own darkness "shadow".

Knowing the way is one thing, walking it is another. I wish you the best of luck. That is the path that helped me. Hopefully it will be of use.
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The key skill that needed to be practiced is NO EXPECTATIONS . This will help you have less desires in you and feelings others have responsibility towards you.
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