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Trig ADD Impulse Issues and Bulimia

I haven't been on here for a while, although I've been here for about 8 almost 9 years. I'm wondering how people deal with impulse control? I'm having issues with bingeing and purging and staying up for 20 hours at a time and continuing with the bingeing and prigging cycle.

My Dr. (GP) is stressing me out because she isn't listening to me and has decided to put me on Prozac even though my psychiatrist has sent my prescription, she's overriding my psychiatrist because she says the elvanse isn't going to "help" my depression. She doesn't get it. I have ADD, I don't care about my depression, I'm depressed BECAUSE I have ADD and I can't stop bingeing and purging and working out and I'm spiralling. She's overriding him because my psychiatrist last saw me face to face in November and she had a call with me lat week. How do I deal with this? She's making me feel like a druggie anorexic maniac and I'm not? I don't have substance issue, I just need to focus and be ok. That's all. I don't even "feel" a day, I'm constantly all over the place and then the day is gone, the day just runs out and I'm unable to be "alive" and awake. I'm so distressed but I don't need nor want someone to pity me, or try tell me how to listen better, I can't control myself, I try. I write lists and I speak with my occupational therapist twice a week, I'm doing the best I can but my Dr. is driving me insane.

This was a rant but I'm hoping to get some clarity from others and hoe they've dealt with impulse issues.
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Default Re: ADD Impulse Issues and Bulimia

Dear PippalsAlone,

I'm sorry you are in such a distressing and stressful situation. It sounds awful. Wish I knew what to say that would help. When I am having disagreements with physicians, sometimes I seek second or third medical opinions. This is not advice to you though since I am not a physician or medical professional and cannot offer advice that you are or anyone could or should rely upon. I sure hope you find something that helps you in the situation you describe!

Sincerely yours, Yao Wen
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Arrow Re: ADD Impulse Issues and Bulimia

You forgot to tell the both of them that you are battling Bulimia aswell as a "Lazy" days.I had bulimia for over 5+ and still struggling not to purge. Maybe you should focus on your binge cycle and let the 2 doctors know how you are feeling before and after a binge cycle tell them when and what you do when this happends.They probably don't know enough of you to prescribe anything to help you right now. Always remember that its their job to look after you ,you need to tell them everything even if its ment to be a secert. Tell them if you have any, Scars on your fingers,smell of sick after a purge,things that happen like if you get acid reflux and you have a sore throat

Hope that helps you!!

ADD Impulse Issues and Bulimia

ADD Impulse Issues and Bulimia
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