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Default NVLD and planning

Hi everyone,
My name is Zoe and I have a severe form of nonverbal learning disorder, which is not quite Autism but my therapist says it is similar. I have a big problem with what is called executive functioning. I have to have everything I do written out for me in an instruction list. Even showering and making food is hard and I need help. This makes me feel bad about my self and like Iím dumb. My parents take care of me even though I am in my 30s. I also have a mental illness.
Does anyone else have trouble with day to day tasks or am I more ďlow functioningĒ I hate that term anyway.
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Thanks for sharing this, Zoe. I don't think any of us, here on MSF, are really in a position to say to what extent you might be considered "low functioning". From my perspective at least, that's the sort of label mental health professionals and educators sometimes put on people. But I don't think it has much of any real meaning anyway.

I'm an old person... a "senior citizen" as we're sometimes referred to. I don't have difficulty with day-to-day tasks for the most part except that, at this point in my life, doing them often wears me out physically & sometimes makes me nervous to the extent I begin to lose track of what I've already done and what I need to do next. (Sometimes I end up doing the same part of a task two or three times because I forget whether or not I've done it.)

I also experience symptoms that seem similar, to me, to what is referred to as "Sundown Syndrome". So every evening, beginning around 4 or 5 o'clock, my level of generalized anxiety rises, I begin to feel dissociated, & even a bit dizzy. So... the point being, I guess, I have my challenges as well. And, at least based on the threads of yours I've read here on MSF, you certainly seem to have the ability to express yourself well in writing. So that's not "low functioning" to me.

Anyway... I'm just rambling here. I noticed no one had yet replied to your post. So I thought I would. (Please don't think ill of me.) Take care.
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Default Re: NVLD and planning

I can sympathise to an extent, itís a horrible feeling! My main problem is with my job - I find it hard to focus, Iím slow at doing pretty much everything and Iím never sure if Iím doing good enough (short term memory problems etc). Thereís a lot of different things to do, I really wish I only had one or two things to focus on instead because I get overwhelmed so easily, and inevitably give up on doing stuff because it just feels too hard. The other people who do the job when Iím off seem much better suited for the role.
I still live with my parents and Iím nearly 38... I do want to be more independent, but I think Iím going to struggle with day to day living when I do move out.
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Default Re: NVLD and planning

So Sorry that you're dealing with this! i agree with the other wise and wonderful posters about taling about this with a professional perhaps. i can relate a bit personally as i do struggle a bit with doing even some simple tasks but i haven't been diagnosed with nvld so i am not sure if i can help you with that. i Hope and Pray that you will be able to find what you're looking for, though. Sending many Safe, warm hugs to BOTH you, @SQLVR, your Family, your Friends and ALL of your Loved Ones! Keep fighting and keep rocking NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS, OK?!
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