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Old Oct 12, 2023 at 06:44 PM
So I'll day probably not all of my challenges at work have to do with my recent ASD-1 diagnosis, but I'm thinking it's a factor.

COVID was a godsend for me because I no longer had to struggle through office politics and social nonsense... or so I thought. I still work remotely but joined a company a couple of months ago that is sooooo warm and fuzzy. They have fantasy football leagues, and virtual chair stretches and twice weekly meetings where they pick a topic and we have to talk about it (be prepared to share what you like about fall...)

I find it all painful, and my new manager keeps reprimanding me about (what she perceives) not being a team player.

For instance, today I got "addressed" because I didn't show up to the meeting with a birthday background for a team member's birthday. I didn't get the memo because they send those notifications to personal cell phones in a group chat... which I immediately muted after getting texts at 9 PM with a coworker's vacation pics.... (after which I received a personal text to respond to the pics)

She essentially told me today that I'm efficient, but not "friendly", and I challenged her by asking what does any of that stuff have to do with WORK? I do my job, often getting locked in and working nights and weekends because that's when "the noise" stops,

...but she wants everyone to be part of the "work family". I don't view coworkers as family... I hardly talk to my own family. I prefer my dog because she doesn't care if I say the wrong thing at the wrong time, and she doesn't like direct eye contact either.

So... I put in my notice because I'm not a "cultural" fit. Fellow ASD-1s... Aspies... how can I do better a co-existing with the EXTRAverts (misspelled purposely)?
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I think you posted on another thread that you’ve given notice to leave your job now?

A few people posted on that thread that they felt you should’ve been considered for reasonable accommodations at work, but they also pointed out that they didn’t know which country you are in, therefore unsure of legal situation. I have to say that I feel from what you were written you didn’t seem to be helped with understanding from your employer.

You’re asking how you can fit in better, however, but it sounds to me like you did try, you did post in group WhatsApps for example.

Have you considered a different job/company might be more accepting of you?
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