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Trig DBT (again) (**** thread)

I guess some might be sick of my posts re DBT. (or just sick of me I suppose). I hope it might help someone who is also struggling though (but maybe not )

Rough week. Trying to keep my **** together. I'll keep my **** in this thread so as not to clog up the board (more than I already have...)

And I don't want to scream at papa bear I've been close a couple of times. ''People'' have said he deserves someone ''better'' than me. I agree.

I've sat at the screen thinking of deleting this. I don't deserve to take up any space (or maybe that's an old abusive tape)

Possible trigger:

Possible trigger:

Not keeping up with the check in thread currently. Trying some mindfulness, one of my teachers tried this and it helped them... for a while.. I hadn't really tried it for long before (had meant to)
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Default Re: DBT (again) (**** thread)

Hi Fuzzy, I truly dunno how to help you best. Just wanted to tell you I've past a couple of extremely rough patches in my life and when the waves went back to calmness I could see the horizon again. I couldn't do much till it happened, but I hope you know IT WILL happen. I was greatly surprised to see many "friends" abandon me in those times, but those few who really mattered surprised and moved me greatly. Please don't lose hope. Hugs from Spain.
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Plenur 400mg
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Default Re: DBT (again) (**** thread)

Oh, Fuzzy! You most definitely do not post too much about DBT or about anything fact, I am very interested in reading of your experiences with (or questions about) DBT. I don't have much experience with DBT, but I'm quite interested in learning more about it.

From the years of knowing you I am very sure that Papa Bear loves you a great lot. I seriously doubt that he thinks you aren't "good enough" for him - and I'm sorry for the jerk(s) who have said such a foolish thing. Never mind them!

I do want to mention the benzo taper, because I suspect that it may indeed be contributing to the way you're feeling. During my 3 experiences of trying to go off benzos I found that my emotional state was a wreck - and once I was even physically impaired from a benzo withdrawal attempt (my legs were very weak and shaky; just walking around the house was extremely difficult).

I'm sending you love, Fuzzy, and I hope you can get some good, solid sleep a bit later tonight.

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Default Re: DBT (again) (**** thread)

hugs and love
150mg of lamictal 2x a day
haldol 5mg 2x a day
1mg of cogentin 2x a day
klonipin , 1mg at night,
4-5 peri-colace for chronic constipation

multi vit,, vit c, at noon, tumeric, caffeine at noon
PRN Remeron 15mg at night,
zyprexa10mg under tongue,

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Default Re: DBT (again) (**** thread)

Me- SzA
Husband- Bipolar 1
Son- mood disorder+

Comfortable broken and happy

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