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Default Jul 07, 2024 at 06:09 PM
Hi everyone,

Ive been recovering from the top half of my mouth surgery. That I had
on June 27th. It was not bad, I had little pain, but the stitches coming
out a week later were very painful. Even though the dentist had made
sure to make sure I was given lots of pain medicine in the gums and stuff.

He said, he was surprised the the gums were still that red and angry. And
he was going to wait a month to do the other half of the surgery.
We tried to schedule it on July 27th but they only had late after noon
appt. which I am not allowed to eat after midnight. And with diabetis
that isn't smart so I asked for the next week. Since it was a THursday.

So its on August 1st now. So its a month wait. Hoping everyone is
doing good.

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Thanks for this!

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Default Jul 07, 2024 at 07:08 PM
@dmom3005 oh that sounds painful. Hoping for the best outcome for you.


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Red face Jul 08, 2024 at 07:46 PM
did he give you antibiotics? suggest you use a mouth wash or something to help you gums half strength hydrogen peroxide and half water or this rinse...
it is called thera breath Dentist formulated for healthy gum, helps fight gingivitis I get mine from amazon I mix it half and half hydrogen peroxide.

Tell me about your after care?


lamictal 2x a day
haldol 2x a day
cogentin 2x a day
klonipin , 1mg at night,
fish oil coq10
multi vit,, vit c, at noon, tumeric, caffeine
Remeron at night,

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