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Trig What has helped me

Hi everyone I thought I would take a little time to tell you all what has helped me with my body image. First off I want to say I have not been officially diagnosed with this disorder but I have suffered greatly because of the way I see my body. Second, I am not a professional and should you considering doing this it would probably be a good ideal to talk to your doctor first. Everyone is different and will certainly react differently.

The thing that has helped me to a degree has been to take pictures of myself. I know this is very hard, believe me I know! I have always hated pictures of myself. In the past seeing a picture of me just made me cringe. I would get overwhelmed with embarrassment and shame and that would turn to anger toward myself.

So you may ask how and why did I ever start taking pictures of myself if it hurt so much. It started out when I first started using the internet. I start visiting support forums and eventually made some real connection with people. There was one person in particular that I wrote to a lot and we really got to know one another. Eventually she wanted to know what I looked like. Of course I was in a panic at that request, but this person had been so supportive and really knew what was in my heart so I felt a strong desire to do this for her. Let me tell you that first picture I sent was one of the hardest thing I have ever done. I took picture after picture of myself and deleted at least a 100 before just giving in and choosing one. I think I just wore myself out
Of course she was fine with how I looked and could not see why I hated myself so much.

Well that was around 15 years ago now and it has been a long slow progression. Eventually I worked my way up to taking pictures of myself unclothed. First just closeups of my hands or feet, something that did not show how fat I was. I would look at them and tell myself, see that part of you does not look that much different than anyone else. I would tell myself that I am not that bad and that we all have our flaws so why be so cruel to yourself.

I am not saying this will make it all better because I still struggle with how I see myself but honestly it has helped me

If you have any questions and don't want to post them in open forum you can send me personal message. I like to help and support others and that in turn helps me. Learned that a long time ago

We don't deserve the cruelty we inflict on ourselves because of how we look.

Much love to all
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Default Re: What has helped me

Thank you for sharing that!
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