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I am extremely anxious and worried right now. 😔

I just accidentally glanced at a notebook packing to go back home from our trip and realized it was my 13 year old daughter’s diary instead. It mentioned from a couple months ago that she thinks that she has an eating disorder, bulimia and that she throws up every day after dinner. I am very concerned. Any advice please on how to handle this situation? I do not want to let her know that I saw her diary but I want to help her with her eating disorder. Please, what do I do?
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I'm sorry you have yet to receive replies to this post. And, unfortunately, I don't know as I would have much of anything to suggest that might be helpful. (Perhaps, since it's been a few days since you posted this, the problem has already been addressed if not resolved?)

Of course this is the type of problem that can result from reading someone's diary without their permission. On the other hand, if your daughter is in fact bulimic, this is a concern that needs to be addressed. So my thinking regarding the situation is you probably just have to come clean as to having read your daughter's diary without her permission and address your concern with her possibly being bulimic. Then, if in fact it appears she may be dealing with an eating disorder, having her see a therapist who is knowledgeable regarding eating disorders may be appropriate. It may even be wise to have her evaluated at an eating disorders program I would suppose.

I'm not knowledgeable with regard to eating disorders. So I can't really offer any particularly useful advice. But I noticed you had posted this thread in two forums and it appeared you had yet to receive replies so I thought I would at least offer what I could. One thing I do believe, just based on my own experiences, is that no good comes from allowing the proverbial 800 pound gorilla to remain unacknowledged when he shows up at your home and plants himself on your couch. My best wishes to both you and your daughter.
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Being Bulimic myself, I know how hard this is to cease. I agree with Skeezyks, you need to come clean (or "discover" her in the process). She needs intervention, and therapy from a specialist. She needs to change her body image and like herself.
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