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Default Emotionally Depleted

I have nothing left. I operate on autopilot. Right now itís just
about mere existence. I feel like an alien in this world that I do
not know. Everything seems upside down. Thereís no more happiness
or joy. Thereís no more pleasure. Only anger fuels my existence.
Am constantly in a fight or flight mode. Constant nervous tension.
Canít feel relaxed. I know there are answers out there. I just canít find them.
Iím emotionally blind. I canít see the way out.
Trying to Live in the Moment
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Default Re: Emotionally Depleted

So Sorry things are being so hard also! Please Do not give up! Hugs. i think i can at least partly relate to you not feeling much on an emotional level. It does seem like you're going through a lot right now. Do you feel like there's any particular event in your Life that's making you feel this way or not?Perhaps it may be useful to contact a therapist if possible. i Hope things will improve really soon for everyone. Please do try to take care of yourself and others by doing something you like and Helping out others in need. Be Kind. Love. Sending many Safe, warm hugs to BOTH you, @moodyblue83, your Family, your Friends and ALL of your Loved Ones! Keep fighting and keep rocking NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS, OK?!
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Default Re: Emotionally Depleted

I'm so sorry you're suffering so much. I remember feeling this way for a while because I had at least several problems and they felt so overwhelming and I felt like everything was going wrong. Life can be rather awful especially when problems come in threes. Is there any way you can ask for help?
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