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Default The Undine of Mandaea 1 e

"The Undine of Mandaea"

Continued from below


She not had simply turned her cheek as Christ suggest.
But forgave my violent action with a gift,
Forgave it with an " X".
"X" is the Runic Letter known as Gyfu.
The Viking letter for "G' and it means Gift
The illusory spinning "X" that can be seen in five concentric circles--which represent Atlantis according to Plato.
Yes the "X", not just a Rune, but another secret.
X is also a symbol for Christ.
Derived from the Greek Chi-Rho.
Used by Christians still in Xmas.
X marks the spot
X is a kiss.
The kiss that Jesus gave to Mary
On her......?
We will never know.
Ants ate through the texts in that Gnostic Gospel.
And so we will never know
just where he kissed her.
But some believe it was upon the lips.
I concur, the lips, the Labia Majora, perhaps?

As Mandaeans we denied the Divinity of Christ
Resented Christ himself for detracting
from the glory of the Baptist, John.
This was no longer true with her and I.

The stone I threw against
had been transformed into a coin of gold.
As my heart had been transmuted too
She suggested that I spend it on a drink of wine.
And let oblivion cleanse my memory from my mind my recollection of what happened here tonight.
I'd dilute the Lethe with my tears I said
Oh Nay, sweet Fay.
The coin will be saved to place upon my eye.
When comes the day that I shall die.
"But you've two eyes "she said "what good is that?".
No, I'll have but one.
When that day comes.
Cause I'll be winking back at you....

(To be continued)
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