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Default Forgotten

There is a dark corner in every room. I notice this falling asleep at night, and when I transition to the attic or maybe when moving books on my dresser. We can't afford book shelves even though all it is, is some wood plank and a few screws bolting it into the wall. I lost it inside the black of the sky, where you couldn't see not even a star in tact.

There isn't much to go by these days. I could count my fingers for the millionth time over and it'll still come out ten, nothing new here. Evolution strikes after death and no there is no time for mutations. I just wanna mull over on reasons to be far away from you. That simple charm and weakness its agitating me. Why must the darkness be so beautiful.

Then the days came through further. I stare blankly to the little bit of light that goes into my pupils from this distant barrage of intangibles and during this plight comes a evening soar. I see the walls growing darker and crawling into the middle all the way up to my own height. It scares me as I look quickly away and run in my own skin screaming. But not move a inch or blink an eye.

That was when I remembered you loved me. Remembered what it felt like to feel zero degrees and be warm inside. Remembered the dark oasis you crawled out of those waters of life meant to keep us calm. Then it was all just repeated Sundays and Saturdays weekends designed to keep us together.

Maybe I'll forget again, learn what its like to feel frozen. Don't come looking for me, because, somethings are best forgotten.
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Default Re: Forgotten

Nice story @DoobyLee - very moving.

For book shelves we bought precut planks and bricks or concrete blocks and made shelves from them
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