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Default May 09, 2018 at 03:53 PM
Is "mirroring" a symptom of Dependent Personality Disorder? There is a 50 yr. old woman who has attached herself to my wife and has adopted all her hobbies and interests including Yoga, bicycling, golf, music. She is ultra religious has MS and waits in the parking lot where my wife works in order to "greet her" and wish her a good day.
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Default May 10, 2018 at 07:23 PM
Hello 2latte: I don't know the answer to your question. But I noticed this is your first post here on PC. So... welcome to PsychCentral! Here are links to some articles, from PsychCentral's archives, on the subject of dependent personality disorder:

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attentionThis is an old thread. You probably should not post your reply to it, as the original poster is unlikely to see it.

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