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Default Nov 11, 2003 at 03:45 PM
Hi and welcome to our online depression support group. This is a short introductory message that just provides some basic information about this group.

If you need more information about depression, your best bet is to check out Psych Central's Depression Information Center. There you can learn more about the symptoms, treatment, read a wealth of articles on depression, or take our free, interactive depression quiz which you can use to track your weekly mood as well.

As always, please review the community guidelines before posting. It usually helps most people to hang out and just read messages for a few days in a row before posting. Some people don't ever post, and that's okay too. Get help here from whatever works for you, as you can lurk on the forum as much as possible.

Again, welcome to the community and I hope you find some satisfaction from participating in this support group.


Don't throw away your shot.

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Thanks for this!
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