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Default Re: Depression Vent Room for Misfits

Still thinking about a snake dream I had FOUR days ago. I feel like a misfit that it is staying with me this long. When I woke up, I had a picture of that snake in my mind. I have wondered if it is a warning but maybe I am just superstitious. I still remember one dream I (thinking maybe I was 5 or 6 years old) had with multiple snakes in it that really scared me. I wasn't scared in this dream but, instead, I am scaring myself after the fact. My anxiety expresses itself in the strangest way. I will just keep praying about it. That is the only thing that seems to help me shake things that persist.
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Default Re: Depression Vent Room for Misfits

As it happens I had a snake dream too just a couple of nights ago! Perhaps snake dreams are going around?
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Default Re: Depression Vent Room for Misfits

I've never had a snake dream, that I recall, but I had a lion chasing me, & of course bullies. In one dream my volkswagon bug (that I had at the time) & I were being chased by bullies & we suddenly took to the air & got away. I remember saying to my car, "I didn't know you could fly!!" I had had many flying dreams, just me, especially during my childhood, but this was the only time I was in a flying car. Anyway, snakes, lions, bullies, whatever, don't they probably represent challenges in our lives, and/or things we're afraid of?
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