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Unhappy Depression relapse

Hi. Havenít been on here for a while. I recovered from a depressive episode last year and I thought I was going to be happy forever.

I didnít realise that over the past few months my symptoms had returned and that I was spiralling down. The saddens was masked by irritability and anger. Iíve damaged so many relationships with my friends and family.

Now I just feel ashamed and embarrassed. My doctor has prescribed me Effexor and Iím starting therapy again next month.

Has anyone experienced something similar, I always recognise the symptoms when itís too late and when the damage has already been done.
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Smile Re: Depression relapse

Yes, I think I can relate to this (except for the part about thinking I was going to be happy forever. I never kidded myself that something such as that might occur.) In my case, though, I'm now on Clonazepam both for my anxiety and anger issues as well as for a couple of physical issues the medication seems to help with. And the Clonazepam seems to keep me on an even keel, so to speak. So I seem less likely to suffer additional incidents over which, afterwards, I experience any more shame and embarrassment than I already have.

Hope your new med, along with the therapy, gets you back to feeling well again.
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Default Re: Depression relapse

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