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Frown Help accepting Type 1 Diabetes

So I recently moved to Tennessee and upon moving, things have been at a decline as far as health goes.

A week here and I get sick. I discovered I went through DKA and that I have Type 1 diabetes.

Since then nearly 3 weeks later I slowly have been adjusting, even though its been hard. My friends have been supportive and helping the best they can but they also have made me feel so limited in meals that I feel annoyed and upset about it. Im 24. Instead of veggies and tiny portions of food my friends have been giving me, I should be eating the stuff I enjoy.

Idk, im hoping to be able to accept this change in lifestyle. Any advice on how to accept the diagnosis would really help.

Thanks for reading!
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Smile Re: Help accepting Type 1 Diabetes

I'm sorry there are not suggestions I would be able to offer. But I thought I would just mention there is a diabetes support thread in this forum. Here's a link just in case you're not already familiar with it:

Diabetes Support Thread

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Default Re: Help accepting Type 1 Diabetes

There are no shortcuts ,or fast adjustment ,I am not going to lie and say there is , you have to slog thru it.One minute, 1 hour ,1 day at a time .

It's a major trauma ,it changes just about everything in your life not slowly or gently its an in your face full on "assault" to everything you know as normal , i got mine around the same age ( i am early 50's now) so life will beat you down ,you need to get up and fight back . Learn nutrician
Learn diabetes
Learn cooking

I think when you get past the steep learning curve, it starts to get easier , we all have "Trouble foods" things we realy enjoy , that our body dont , ( to use a technical term it makes your BG go "spork" when it shouldn't, or is something that should and your BG barely notices, if your a bread lover ,give it up now ,it will just break your heart later ( i love bagles , but they are a hard pass,except in limited quantities ,or giving up everything you would "normaly" eat ,just to go steady wolfing down a bagle and cream cheese like its "normal" and Cool , I probably have cranberry multi grain ones with mold on them in the cupboard, 1 bag of six gets moldy before you can eat all of them . Now something like a wheat bread is doable ,or a good rye bread ( as long as the baker didn't hide a pound of sugar in it ) .

Pick your poison saccharin, stevia, splenda . Those will replace your old friend sugar in everything ,stevia is natural its a leaf ,it is not my personal "favorite" sure take the one you shouldnt ,moron ! Splenda unfortunately have has long term effects on brain cells and neurotransmiters ( two things i don't have extras of ) . Yes many veggies are good tasty and healthy , and then there's those things that keep you up at night asking god is this his humour , making an onion a carbohydrate ! Thats heresy i have never met an onion i wouldnt eat ,boiled,pickled, fried ,sauteed ( yep i am one of those people , vampires dont come to my hood, the space station can smell my garlic and onions ) in your learning cooking , learn spices calorie free ,carb free , and adds a ton of free flavor , and well I am ranting broccoli cauliflower another sick joke ?

Keep a sense of humour ,or like me a protective snark as you walk down this new path of life, the only constant in life is change , the only guarantee is every day from tiny insignifigant to mind meltdown is a series of choices ( door #1,2, or 3) and what you choose today can ruin your day TOMMOROW.

Life and diabetes are a minefield , that can have really profound effect on what where and how you live when your ( old and grey and I can't tell you from the sheets,it's an old song lyric ) .

You got diabetes at a good time ( like there a good time) I have been stabbing my fingers and squeezing out blood to test my sugar for 25 years and now some wisenheimmer comes up with the Continuous Glucose Monitor its a sensor you'll be able to change every ten days , well it gives you readings every 5 minutes, I got one this time last year ,and haven't used it yet ( I have had cataracts for last three years and been on hold for surgery for last 2 years , my doctor had to switch me from vial and needle because I couldn't literally see how much insulin I was drawing up, and theres only one talking glucometer on the market , the doctor thought the CGM would be great for me ,because insurance is penny wise pound foolish in test strip rationing ,i can test 4 times a day, and get 1 reading ,because i couldnt see the blood drop on my finger , the test strip would get enough blood to tell me insufficient blood test again , but not enough to actually test , so heres the cute part the CGM has a sensor serial number written in fine print, you have to read and enter it into remote ? Makes sense right ) being in a power wheelchair is not fun, being diabetic even less fun , not being able to see well that will just make you want to strangle something ,like the lady in the glucometer who won't tell me what my sugar is ,LOL

I don't know about you but in my first life I was a rat, i kept my love of cheese , and thats a good food to snack on , and we can eat all the lean meat and fish we want pretty much , I am a native N.Yer so tube steak is in my DNA ,right next to the mustard and ( you guessed it ONIONS! ) . Arghhh

Have I scared you yet ? Let's just get scared out of the way now , the adjustments you will make are huge ,but it's not something you or we should be scared of ,if we embrace it do the work and make the changes , we can still live good lives .

Oh say goodbye to wine beer or spirits , they break down in your body to empty calories and sugar !

The crazy part of it , The things we Have to do are things we should be doing because they are good for us as people ,but we aren't given a phase in period ,of let's live healthy , it's just rammed down our throat ,but hey your getting the same deal on convid 19 , the whole world changes over nite .

So feel free to ask anything ( the only way to learn is ask ,no such thing as dumb questions, the only way to have knowledge is to pass it on , freely)

Yes the next day after diagnosis , i cried a river and had me a good olde fashioned pity party, and bent my doctors ear till she didn't have one ( that's normal and healthy response when someone drops a hand greanade in your lap without the pin) which is the way it feels and looks ) , sure I didn't tell you much about my personal experience of getting the diagnosis ,that's because I have had many years to figure this out ,you haven't , so if you want to talk vent scream yell ask questions ,mourn your loss ,process i am here ,what ever you need , its snowy cold slippery out so i am staying in lettinģ my eyes heal ( theres a pandemic out there and I just had Edward Scissorhand in my eyeballs ) so feel free to talk ask or share anything you need to , I'll be a mouse tap away .
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Default Re: Help accepting Type 1 Diabetes

Have you considered diabetes-based cooking classes or cookbooks? There are still foods you can (hopefully) enjoy. Some of those recipes are really good.
I had to make some really drastic changes several years ago. I hated it at first and fought it every step of the way. It really sucked. Gradually, though, I began to take baby steps and work with the restrictions I had and now I'm used to it. I found a buddy to exercise with and found exercises I loved to do, like Zumba. Come to think of it, I ended up discovering a lot of things and met a lot of friends while learning to take care of myself.
These ideas may not work for everyone. I hate that you're dealing with the fresh, steaming pile of manure that is type 1 diabetes.
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