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Trig Jun 07, 2024 at 07:19 PM
For a few years. I have been having intrusive thoughts, alters or idk what tell me our dad has done sexual things to them. All kinds of horrible things I donít believe happened. Then it started to get even weirder. They started saying it about other people that couldnít have abused me. People I donít know, people that werenít born until I was an adult, etc. Now they are back on about my dad again out of the blue I will just start panicking about what they are saying he did to us as automatically close my legs up without thinking about it but Iíve had bodily reactions like that with what they say about others too. Itís just so weird and I donít know if it will ever end and nothing my therapist says to do helps..
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Default Jun 07, 2024 at 10:14 PM
@Raven1976 I am sorry that you have intrusive thoughts or whatever. There is something you can try, seeing them and labelling as a thought. You have an option not to react. That is not easy but they are only thoughts. The only power they have over me is if I react to my thoughts.

Try it and see. They could be just rumors. By reacting it sounds like you believe them to be true. These voices sound very unreliable because they say things that could not possibly happen so maybe they are just the internal critic that never has anything positive to say.

I have had some success by turning my attention to the breath, by asking them to hold on because I am busy now and imagine putting them on hold and just leave them on hold. Experiment. They cannot hurt you. They only can play on your fears and anxieties.

Another strategy is to start exercising or doing something else. I do not know what will help you but I am trying to show you you are not powerless to deal with your own mind. Experiment with ways to stay calm or not react or distract yourself. See if it works.


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