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Default Do people know they have eating disorders?

I go back and forth between restricting and eating normally and regular dieting. Often my restriction is not on purpose itís just I get distracted and I forget to eat for hours or I am just not hungry for long periods of time. Iíve lost a substantial amount of weight since last Thanksgiving. I do want to lose more weight and I am considered overweight. My mom thinks that I may have something. My Pdoc said what Iím doing is normal but I only see him every 3 months for 15 minutes and itís in video sessions. Therapists will refuse to work with me if they donít know about EDs if I bring it up. Although Iím pretty sure my last one just used that as sn excuse to get rid of me. But I honestly donít see? A problem. Iím more of a grazer I think when I do eat.

So do people with EDs often not know or admit that they have one?
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Default Re: Do people know they have eating disorders?

I can't speak for everyone with an ED, but I didn't know until a concerned friend brought up how little I was eating and how I disappeared (to purge) after I did eat. I denied it for a week or so then went back and forth on the issue for about a month and then when I was suggested to go to a program for eating disorders it assured me, yeah, I have an ED.
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Default Re: Do people know they have eating disorders?

in my case I think I knew even before I was told

fussy eating- childlike eating, overeating the wrong things, I knew their was a lot not right
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Default Re: Do people know they have eating disorders?

I knew what I was doing wasnít normal, but I always told myself it wasnít a problem because I could stop any time if I wanted to (that was a lie). When people started showing serious concern and I realized I couldnít eat even when I wanted to, I realized something was off. I still remember going to my first assessment for eating disorder treatment and telling them ďI donít think I have an eating disorder,Ē and them looking at me like I was crazy and assuring me that yes, I definitely did have an eating disorder. Now itís been like 8 years and I still have times of denial.

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