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What are your Community Guidelines and where can I find them?

Our Community Guidelines are the guiding principles and rules for our online community; every member agrees to them when they sign-up for a membership with us.

You can review the Community Guidelines at any time.

Do you host regular chats and chat support groups here?

You bet! Here's the list, which is kept in our monthly calendar. You can also always click on the "Calendar" link to see what's going on for today.

What time are the chats? (Timezone Map)
You can use the linked timezone map to see what time it is right now throughout the world and plan accordingly: Timezone Map. Chat times listed in our Calendar are already converted to your time zone, assuming you set your time zone correctly in your profile options (under Date & Time).

How is the community overseen and kept safe?
The community is overseen on a day-to-day basis by the Community Support Team -- the administrators and moderators. They monitor and discuss -- sometimes in great depth -- reported posts, issues and concerns that come up in the community every day. The team is overseen by a small group of administrators who've been hand-selected by Dr. John Grohol ("DocJohn"), the owner of the site. DocJohn also monitors and oversees this entire team, checking in daily to ensure the community is being run smoothly, fairly, and with an emphasis on the safety and support of our individual members.

Who are the administrators and moderators here?

Click here for the list of forum administrators and moderators. The owner and host of My Support Groups is Dr. John Grohol ("DocJohn").

What is a "Premier Poohbah" and how do I become one?

Premier Poohbah is just a title we created to recognize certain additional types of contributions to our community:

  • A monetary donation to one of our Community Fund Drives
  • A literary donation to one of our newsletters or poetry books
  • Any member who's reached "Grand Magnate" status (3,000+ posts)
  • Any member who's been here nearly 4 years and has at least 600 posts

What is a "Superposter"?
A "Superposter" is simply a title given by the forums automatically when a person posts more than 2 posts per day, on average, since the day they joined. So, for instance, if you've been a member for 60 days, you would need more than 120 posts to be considered a "Superposter" by the forums.

What titles are available?
  • Newly Joined - 0
  • New Member - 1 post
  • Junior Member - 10 posts
  • Member - 25
  • Veteran Member - 500
  • Grand Member - 750
  • Poohbah - 1000
  • Grand Poohbah - 1500
  • Magnate - 2000
  • Grand Magnate - 3000
  • Elder - 5000
  • Wise Elder - 7500
  • Legendary - 10000
  • Legendary Wise Elder - 20000
  • Wisest Elder Ever - 50000

What is your privacy policy?
Click here for our privacy policy.

What are your terms of use for these forums?
Click here to read our Terms of Use for this site.

How do I specify something that may be triggering information?
Because we are a support group community, we ask that members respect that not everything they share may be seen the same way by other members. Especially sensitive information -- such as descriptions of abuse, rape, violence, etc. -- should be labeled as potentially triggering by using both of the following methods:

1. Label the thread or post with the trigger icon (red X) when posting. Trigger icon

2. Put the actual potentially triggering material within BBCode called trigger:

[trigger] Put triggering content here. [/trigger]

This produces a button that another member will have to click on to actually view the potentially triggering material. Thank you for your cooperation in helping keep our community safe for all members!

Do search engines index the forums?
Yes, we allow search engines to index our community, to help others find emotional and mental health support online. We explicitly suggest members choose a username upon registration that is not used elsewhere online, to help with your online privacy.

Hey, I thought this was a democracy! Why was my free speech impinged?
Well, the U.S. Constitution's First Amendment applies to the government -- not private businesses or other organizations. So yeah, we're sorry, but this isn't a democracy and you don't have absolute free speech in our community. As long as your post, PM or chat doesn't violate our community guidelines, it is generally allowed.

The two primary exceptions are discussions of religion or politics, because people hold pretty strong views on both (and this isn't a debate community -- it's an emotional support community). There are, however, exceptions to these exceptions (such discussion is allowed in a member's Social Group, for instance).

What are community fund drives and how can I benefit or donate to one?
Community fund drives are a way to give a one-time financial grant to a fellow member of up to $600 to help out in an emergency or for unforeseen bills or debt.

You can learn more about how to request one or how to donate to one here:

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