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Default Was my school fat shaming me?

In 2011 I weighed 205 pounds and I drank a ton of soda. I was in a class with skinny guys and girls. In English class one time we were having a lesson of some sort and the teachers aide said to the class "you guys this guy I knew stopped drinking soda and lost 10 pounds right away."

I felt like that comment was directed towards me since I was the only heavy one in the class and the only one who drank a lot of soda. I also know when theres a problem with one kid you have to address the issue to the entire class you can't just single one kid out. My sister who is a teacher said this too.

The soda thing isn't even true. Since high school I dropped almost 80 pounds and I still drink soda regularly just not 5 cans a day.

Was my school fat shaming me? Has anything similar ever happened to anyone else?

People wonder why I'm so particular about my weight now and its partially because being so heavy as a 14 year old until I was 24 really messed with me.
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Default Re: Was my school fat shaming me?

I'm sorry that happened to you. Sometimes I worry about my weight too. I don't know what it's like for you, but for me, when I worry about my weight, it's like I'm negatively judging myself. And to have that reinforced by people outside really is difficult, because they can't understand the way it makes us feel about it.

Right now I'm overweight and I'm comfortable with it, even though it does make me uncomfortable at times when people suggest I just exercise and do all the things that are "supposed" to make people lose weight. I think people in general are extremely uncomfortable about the concept of appearance and weight.

I think a lot of it has to do with the media and the portrayal of "amazing-looking" people. (That's just how I view it). Of course not trying to push my views on anyone else.

Anyway, just wanted to say I understand how that might be hurtful towards you, and it's definitely not okay to suggest even "mildly" or "subtly" that someone should lose weight. Especially if they're not comfortable with the topic.

I think it is okay for like a doctor or therapist to discuss weight with people in a compassionate way, meaning they don't judge people for their weight. (This is probably incredibly difficult to do in practice). But judging people for their weight is definitely not okay.
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