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Default Re: Welcome to our Grief and Loss support forum(moved so get more views-was old thred

Itís very challenging having rare diseases and autoimmune diseases that primarily revolve around regularly taking steroid medications. Regularly taking steroid medications directly cause weight gain for many individuals.

Iím not going to give up...I will continue to be active on non-symptomatic days. Right now is very challenging with back to back ice and snow storms. I used to workout at my residence..home workouts. I really enjoy being outside.

Iíve been doing pretty good with my depression. I stopped taking all psychotropic medications in 2018 and it was the best choice for me. After being misdiagnosed when my original diagnoses was always depression. Iíll never go to another mental provider again.

I found several things that work for me as coping, coloring, reading, blogging, traditional Indigenous music, praying to my ancestors, chatting with folx, soaking, knitting 🧶 etc.

I recently lost my auntie, heart disease and it hurts so much. I lost a cousin to breast cancer four months earlier. Iíve recently looked into bullet journaling. I see it as a creative outlet for me to deal with grief, loss and process my thoughts.
Spoons are a visual representation used as a unit of measure to quantify how much energy individuals with disabilities and chronic illnesses have throughout a given day.

1). Depression
2). PTSD
3). Anxiety
4). Hashimoto
5). Fibromyalgia
6). Asthma
7). Atopic dermatitis
8). Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria
9). Hereditary Angioedema (HAE-normal C-1)
10). Gluten sensitivity
11). EpiPen carrier
12). Food allergies, medication allergies and food intolerances. .
13). Alopecia Areata
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Default Re: Welcome to our Grief and Loss support forum(moved so get more views-was old thred

Hi Cocosurviving. I am sorry for the losses of people in your life and activities. I like your idea of a bulleted journal. Sometimes journals get lost in details and are unreadable down the road.

I appreciate coping skills. Exercises like 5 minute Tai Chi on youtube have helped me stay in touch with energy and the body. For me, Zoom and youtube have helped a lot during Covid times. But walking outside is really good.

Friends in the Dakotas on the Great Plains saw temps go to 23 F below 0 or lower. It is just so cold.

Sounds like you have some great coping skills. I keep telling myself "Spring is right around the corner." Eventually I will be right.

All the best to you
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Default Re: Welcome to our Grief and Loss support forum(moved so get more views-was old thred

I'm glad you're finding ways of coping, dear one,
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