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Question needing info

I hope this is the place for I can ask for info on having night thoughts. Since hurricane Ida and knowing the town my baby is bury in flooded real bad and parts are still under water. My son only lived for 12 hours and I didn't see him, but on holidays, birthday's etc I use to have trouble coping. Since the hurricane though every night and right before going to sleep I think of it flooding and I start having really bad anxiety attacks, and start crying and saying that my baby is drowning, and then I hear him crying, calling for me cause he can't breathe, to help him, to come get him, and here mommy mommy mommy over and over. I take Trazadone 200mg in my night meds. but I have to take ativan's to help calm me down before my heart gets too fast and I have another heart attack. He would be 42 years old if he lived. So can someone tell me what to do so don't have to take all the meds. Averaging about 1 1/2 - 3 hours of rest since Sunday and I am tired and plus my chest has been starting to hurt some, which I have to put a Nitro patch on for awhile.
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Default Re: needing info

Hi @grandmaof2angels - I am so sorry for your loss. It must be rough to see all the flooding.

Have you considered reaching out to a medical professional if possible to see if there are any medical issues that may need to be met?

Since you are on medicine, another option is to reach out to your prescriber and tell them what symptoms you have and they may modify your medicines.

Lifestyle changes, when possible, have helped me cope with losses. I now do video exercise classes on youtube almost every day. I try to eat a healthy diet and have quiet times to help me cope with reoccurring stress. Youtube helps me get a lot of support for loss and for helping me with self compassion. Short video
Longer video

Hope you find some support to help ease your pain. @CANDC
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Default Re: needing info

I am so sorry that you lost your baby.

Do you have a therapist? I think if you don't it would be a good idea to talk to someone who can help you work through some of this pain. I did a grief class through my church (Griefshare, it's available at a lot of churches and hospices. It's great but does have some Christian components. They say it is fine for non-Christians but I just like to give warning). One of the things they talked about was grieving hitting really hard after a lot of time has passed and that you can get help with this.

Again, I'm just so sorry for your horrrble loss.
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