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How Hospitals Respond When Mentally Ill People Come in From the Streets - The New York Times

This week, Mayor Eric Adams announced his own initiative to bring more people with severe mental illness to hospitals for evaluations against their will. He said it would apply to homeless people who, because of their illness, were unable to meet their basic needs and were therefore a danger to themselves a standard the Boggs case set.

In some respects not much has changed in the intervening years in how hospitals respond to schizophrenia and street homelessness.

Haldol is still commonly administered at Bellevue and other hospitals today. And just as they have for decades, psychiatrists still wrestle with whether someone is a danger to themselves, and what factors to consider, when deciding to admit someone involuntarily.
How much help will you get if you are admitted?

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Thanks for this!
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A lot of the issues identified in the article are the same here, except for the insurance issue. But there's definitely a shortage of psychiatric beds and I know the largest psychiatric hospital here regularly discharges people back to the streets where the cycle just continues.


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What happens to New York patients after hospitalization

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