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I just have nothing to add to things Iíve said about this hocd Iíve been dealing with since 2004 Iím just burnt out now the last few days have been me feeling nothing about anything yet the ocd never goes away the groinal response never goes away. Thinking of guy I like gives me tiny bit of excitement the hocd tries to ruin it but thinking of him has giving me some good feelings but the for days now I feel nothing when I look at pics of him and just hopeless I just donít know what to do without these exiting feelings thereís nothing just the hocd and I donít know what to do no explanation how this makes me feel I need advise I donít know what to do anymore
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Thanks for this!

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I'm sorry you have yet to receive replies to this post. Unfortunately, it's not a subject I know anything about. So I can't really be of help. I'm an old man who has waged a life-long struggle with gender dysphoria. And, as a result, the one thing I do know is there's no way to get rid of intrusive thoughts. The only option (at least to my knowledge) is to simply accept them and allow them to be there (because they already are.) There's a Buddhist practice which is referred to as "compassionate abiding" that has been helpful to me. Here's a link to a mental-health-oriented description of the practice:

Relieve Distress By Allowing It: Compassionate Abiding 101 | Mindset: Perspective Is Everything

May it be of benefit.

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