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Old Aug 07, 2022 at 01:46 PM
so, basically, I like my matress on the floor with my set of ear defenders resting on it

recently I washed my matress protector, and when I put it on my bed a few nights ago, the matress wasn't on the floor, and Had to put my ear defenders somewhere else (I put them on the floor beside my bed, ,)

but it made me anxious and really annoyed. I ended up moving the bed to try and get the matress to rest on the floor again, and even though I succeeded somewhat, I am really still not happy with the position of my ear defenders on the matress.

(vent post)
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Old Aug 08, 2022 at 04:24 PM
Sorry about that situation, raging vortex!

I used to travel a lot and somehow brought bed bugs into my house after a trip to Russia in the 1990's. Now I sleep in a bug tent that is attached to the top of my mattress. Using a sleeping bag liner has allowed me to be spared from sleeping on plastic and a fan keeps it cool inside.

There is also a bug tent around my recliner and computer so I don't have to worry about bed bugs getting me. Can't say I am exactly happy with the situation but after about 30 years, I am used to it.

It is hard to get rid of bed bugs. There are services that will heat your entire house to a very high temperature to kill the bed bugs and the eggs but it usually damages things in one's house. Sigh.

Sorry to reply to your vent with a vent of my own.
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