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Default A Positive OCD Post!

Just want put a positive post about my mental health. I am part of quite a few MH forums and FB groups around OCD and Intrusive Thoughts.
It is very hard to be positive about mental health and a lot of people are quite rightly wanting to talk about their struggles and seek help. However, the flip side to this is the conversation can get very negative and can get you down. So I want to promote a bit of positivity.
I have been working very very hard on my own MH battle this past month. I have recently in the last two weeks stopped filming myself in response to false memory OCD. This has been a very brave decision on my part and I am still anxious about going into public situations incase my mind triggers a false memory. However I am combating the false memory with all my mental strength, pushing the intrusive thoughts away and refusing them to enter my mind and allow them to manifest into a false memory. Its bloody hard work and some days I feel exhausted but it is the ONLY way I am going to get better. I have to put myself into situations and I have to rationalise. It will be a long time before I feel comfortable being in public again but the road is starting now.
Six months ago I was the lowest I've ever been in my life, I could have easily given up on life, and now I am back fighting my demons head on. Anything is possible!
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Default Re: A Positive OCD Post!

Awesome, thank you for sharing!
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Default Re: A Positive OCD Post!

Thanks you for the motivational post. You are right we should never give up and fight with our thoughts so that we can get better.
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