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Default Need to be alone

I need to live alone but my mother stays with me because I lost my license and she needs to drive my kids around whom I have only part time and they are older teens.

I am 48 and my mother is controlling, condescending, critical, hovering, etc. she ignores me, never talks to me or spends time with me etc and just sits in my living room all day watching tv.

I am going insane even more with her living with me.

I feel like I am 10 around her.

I have visited family for thanksgiving and Xmas for my kids only but I realize that I am way too distrusting, paranoid, observant, aware, sensitive etc to be around others all the time.

I need to live alone but I never get to. And I never get to be alone with my kids EVER!!!!
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Default Re: Need to be alone

I felt the same way when I was with my parents. They can be very critical and overprotective. Luckily I was able to get away and live on my own. I don't have kids though. That definitely complicates things.
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Default Re: Need to be alone

Could she not have her own place and live there when the kids are not around? I completely understand your need to be alone and though it's good of her to help, it's not ok for you to give up your personal space entirely, in my opinion.

My sibling wants me to live near her, but I already feel crowded living in the same town. Even though it hurts her, I keep telling her that I love her, but hell will freeze over before I even so much as move to the same district as her.
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