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Default Hoping to find support / adult child with bipolar

Hi. I'm looking for some caregiver support as a parent to an adult child with bipolar disorder. It just feels like I have no support and after years of dealing with one crisis after another, every one in my circle of friends is tired of hearing the same old stories. They took off again, they're using drugs again, they hate me again.

It's been 13 years now and you think I'd be used to they cycle now but I dread the change of seasons because that always marks the beginning of a new episode of mania.

My child changes then. They stop being who they really are. They become caught in the grip of something so much bigger than them. They make horrible decisions, they stop caring about anything but living as fully as they can for the next 15 minutes. They don't know loyalty. Don't know responsibility. They can become abusive.

How do families live with the heartbreak year in and year out?
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Default Re: Hoping to find support / adult child with bipolar

Hi @ToLoveSomebody - welcome to MSF My Support Forums. I am sorry you are feeling the challenges of having an adult child with bipolar. I go to NAMI meetings and that is a very common theme people talk about in Family Support meetings. I have a friend that has a history of having episodes and it really can be tough to deal with.

I think the first time I started to feel more able to cope is when I recognized I needed to self care. I started taking yoga classes and when I went to yoga I left all my worries and responsibilities outside. Now I have a place in my home where I can do youtube or Zoom classes.

It helps to not feel like I am dealing with this all by myself. I am fortunate to be able to communicate with their primary psych contact. If that is not possible, having a therapist yourself could help you cope and identify when they are not being safe and what you can do.

Besides exercises, eating healthy, sleeping enough and learning mindfulness have all helped me stay in the present and not get lost in thought on the past or worry about the future.

Hope you get the support you are looking for. If you reply to this post please tag me in your message with @CANDC and I will get a reminder that my post has a reply.
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Default Re: Hoping to find support / adult child with bipolar

@ToLoveSomebody I hope you got the support you wanted and need. I also have an adult child with bipolar and feel really unsupported. I'd love to chat if you want to?
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Default Re: Hoping to find support / adult child with bipolar

I am bipolar and am well managed for 17 years. My daughter is bipolar and has been off and on compliant with meds. She ran away in HS and went to party with some older kids and was 18 so we were helpless. She showed up on the doorstep two months later having been kicked out and on the street, also having addictions and neglected her bipolar. We fed her and immediately took her to the ER and we left her there to advocate for herself. She went inpatient, fought rehab then went to rehab and came home. The chaos got better and then she hooked up with a loser and deliberately got pregnant. I adore my grandson but was so upset she did this with no cares to how to support him or anything really. Of course the loser continues to lose and she is going to move home with us in two weeks. I want her to leave him, get better treatment and get a job. She cant do that with him. But I am terrified of living with her. My grandson is 18 months old and a major handful. My old mom-mom butt needs to get used to the terrible twos which have started early. I do not know how I raised three kids because he wears me out. I am so. scared. Terrified.
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