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Default Re: Lamictal and Insomnia

Hello All....
So Ive worked my wellbutrin down to 75 mg immediate release in the monrning... no change with sleep (never had sleep issues with this). I have been down to about 6mg of lamictal (25mg tab cut in 4) for about 6 months now. I still have the same insomnia. Do you think that the insomnia is still due to the lamictal even though I didnt have a problem untill I tried getting off it? Ive tried skipping days to get off it and I am a mess so dont skip anymore. I cant believe such a small amount can have any effect?

Another issue is my dr wants to put me on Depakote for the depression anger. Problem is I am not bipolar and there could be serous side effects and stuck on all for a long shot. Most of all it probably wount help me sleep. Ive been taken 100 mg of Seroquel at night for a week now. I slept the first night then since maybee 3 hours a night. Still awake during the day. I dont want to get stuck on this drug if it isnt helping me sleep. Problem is the Dr. is probably going to make me stay on it for 6-8 weeks to see if it will work. But I cant see how waiting anylonger would result in better sleep (my mind isnt racing at night). Im thinking that alot of my anger and depression now is due to being so bewildered by all this lack of sleep and nothing really helping for any length of time
Has anyone been stuck on such a small dose before? is it possible that the lamictal can still be the cause of insomnia because I tried getting off it?
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Default Re: Lamictal and Insomnia

Hi, I'm on Lamictal and haven't noticed that it causes insomnia for me, it makes me sleepy. I think some people do refer to it as "activating", though. You're on the tiny dose of Lamictal because of a withdrawal difficulty? If it does cause insomnia for you, what about taking it in the morning?

The "depression anger" do you know you don't have bipolar disorder?

Do you know that the smaller doses of Seroquel help to induce sleep more than the larger doses do? So 50mg., 25mg., even 12.5mg. I am with you on not wanting to get stuck on Seroquel, especially on a dose over 25mg.

One more question: Why did your pdoc remove Lamictal and wants you to take Depakote instead?

Sorry for all the questions, I'm trying to better understand your situation.

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Default Re: Lamictal and Insomnia

I have always taken it in the morning.
I dont think Im bi polar because Ive asked multiple drs and therapist before and they always say no, they say general anxiety disorder and major depressive disorder. I do know that I don't get the highs and my lows are not sudden and I dont go low without a reason (Im worn down by my life sittuation and no sleep).

I have tried the lower doses of Seroquel and they didnt help consistently. I was told that the sleep dose is usually 100mg.
It was a previous Dr. that prescribed the lamictal as a long shot (250) , the first month was awsome then after that no different than without for like a year or so . ... My new Dr. I told him I want off because it wasn't doing anything and he agreed I shouldn't be on it ...I went down real slow over a couple years. The Dr. wanted to try depakote because I told him that I was having really ****** days with alot of rage especially on days that I skipped my 6mg dose (I cant cut it any smaller). He says it discontinuation syndrome and I should go on something else to help get off the Lamictal
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Default Re: Lamictal and Insomnia

I got off Lamictal and go onto Lamotrigine - NZ stopped funding Lamo and I regressed on Lamic so got special compensation to go back on Lamo.
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Default Re: Lamictal and Insomnia

Lamictal caused bad night terrors where Id fall down a flight of stairs and end up in the ER because I had blood coming out of my nose. At least I think it was the lamictal. I havent had any problems like that in about a year though.

I like that it has few side effects so Ive stuck with it. I heard it can destroy your teeth as well.
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Default Re: Lamictal and Insomnia

Lol I read the first three responses Yeah Wellbutrin is very activating. I'm sorry I don't know what does you are on

I have used the XL at 150mg - 300mg
Of course Wellbutrin is stimulating. Anything that is going to stop re- uptake of nor-epinephrine is going to usually cause a stimulating effect along with it's selective DP receptors. Everyone I know, its a morning drug.

I take lamictal and always try to take it early. I don't know what dose your on but for me it does seem to inhibit sleep if I take it at night. I take 200mg.

Everyone's psychology is different. I have heard some crazy stories of very strong meds in the controlled substance category with people taking ,. Let's say the highest pharmaceutical dose that can be used and have said it has done nothing, maybe but those are anecdotal reports that are pretty rare.
I always take my lamictal in the morning or by noon to me It is a mild stimulating drug

Talk to your pdoc (hopefully) or your health care provider and while I am bound to say that ethically
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