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Default Will power

I feel like a junkie with the track marks I am getting from all the blood test I need to get. I one time took double my Xanax and got high off of it and it felt really good to laughing and no worries. Ketamine treatments I did were a close second. Lately I have been thinking about those times and want to feel that way again but I need the will power not to do it. I have gone this far without it but for some reason today I am having flashbacks to those times. I just need to keep myself on the straight and narrow.

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Default Re: Will power

Yeah sometimes you go through stages where it's hard to feel not to abuse meds. Could you talk to someone about it? A doctor or friend? It might help you on how to deal with it too
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Default Re: Will power

I had this happen recently. I thought to myself a few days ago “those opiates made my mood so good.” But that addiction is the last thing I need on top of my benzos

I take after my old man who was a recovered alcoholic and had an addiction to pain pills. He’d take my grandmas from her apartment when she was in rehab and he’d also have my mom sneak in pain pills for him in a sock when he was in the hospital for stuff. My mom and sister quit smoking cold turkey though.

I did use muscle relaxers for anxiety and sleep until I ran out of them and my doctor wouldn’t refill it.
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