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Default Pdocs Orders

Yes I have high anxiety and he wants me to on that in therapy. Right know I think therapy is making it worse. I donít want to do therapy but I need it as a safety net for when I crash because you canít just snap your fingers and get one. Everyone one that has more then 3 years experience have waitlist. Ts are slammed with all the people stressed from Covid. My old T has a 35 person waitlist. These are crazy times.
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Default Re: Pdocs Orders

Dear Crook32,

Waiting lists for therapists: how awful. And therapists must be overwhelmed with the SARS-COvid 19. I think you are right about having a safety net. That can really be a blessing when things go south.

Except to drive my car to keep the battery charged, I haven't been away from home for over a year now. Can't believe it has been a year since I ate at a restaurant or went to a store. My groceries are delivered to me and the only contact I have with human beings is electronically. What a crazy time we are living in.

I hope your therapist can help you with anxiety. Wish I knew what to say that would help you in your situation. Anxiety can be so brutal and just drains all the joy and peace out of life. My heart goes out to you as a fellow sufferer!

Sincerely yours, Yao Wen
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Default Re: Pdocs Orders

"Crazy times" is right.

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and the wind did moan
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Default Re: Pdocs Orders

I always found the idea of an md giving me an order to be ludicrous
Please NO @

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