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Default Re: Couch 226--CCXXVI Couch

We were in the throws of phonics. I hope your nuns were better than the ones we had. Although that is not all that high of a bar to hit. Ours were awful.
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Default Re: Couch 226--CCXXVI Couch

Oh dear, phonics. When we did that, my mother was working the late shift at the hospital and supervising homework was my dad. Who was not a native English speaker. So we both ended up convinced of things like cake had a short A.

He was much better at math.
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Default Re: Couch 226--CCXXVI Couch

Originally Posted by ArtieTheSequal View Post
Hugs, QM. I so relate to this that I bolded. I'm pretty sure that's a big part of why I'm so stuck on the whole possibility that L thinks I'm stalking her because of the psychtoday profile thing I've been on about. I'm afraid she thinks I'm overly dependent, far too needy, etc etc and feel ashamed that I do rely on her/therapy and also feel a lot of shame that I haven't "got myself figured out yet" at going on 59. Shame at feeling so broken this late in life. That I can't just magically be some better version of myself. Like I'm doing life wrong.
Hugs. I'm like that too even though I try to act like I'm independent in therapy. I'm younger than you and feel the shame although I'd never judge anyone else. For example I feel you're courageous and really don't see you as "broken" though I get why you'd feel you are. I feel like we're all trying to figure out ourselves, and I definitely feel this whole "I'm doing life wrong".
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Default Re: Couch 226--CCXXVI Couch

Originally Posted by atisketatasket View Post
I had nuns too—mine must have been a better class of spellers than yours.

I have now got my fitness app to tell me how many of a particular item I could eat given my exercise for the day. Tosay I hit 1419 blueberries.
I should create an app that tells people when to stop eating blueberries before they go uh freudian!
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