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Default Re: Couch 227 - The Safe Couch

Originally Posted by ChickenNoodleSoup View Post
Gonna say I think it makes sense to require a doctor's note at some point. Here, we don't have it from day one since that just creates unnecessary work for the doctor, he would have to sign off a lot of people who have a slight fever that's gone in a day and stuff like that. But if you don't require one at all, I'm sure a lot of people would just say they are sick and not come in at all. It still happens if you want a note, of course, but if a business can't deal with the employee being gone for two days, maybe they should close down. But I can understand not being able to pay for an employee for a whole month if they aren't even really sick, just wanting to go to the beach or something.
Oh, absolutely, if someone is out for a whole week or something, require a doctor's note. But if they're only out for a day or two, I don't think it should be required. Unless it's someone who always gets sick the Friday before a 3-day weekend...!

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Default Re: Couch 227 - The Safe Couch

Originally Posted by atisketatasket View Post
Caredul, she’ll be drafting you to join our English Channel swim team.

You and I and art will do the actual swimming, while she stays warm on the boat, of course.
SO not true!

Btw, i WAS swimming to Cuba during the Obama administration, then T**** changed the rules and i had to turn around and come back. I'm not home yet!!
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