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after march 17 2013 at 10:33pm i spun in a whirlwind of catastrophic change and thoughts of suicide.

2018 in the summer i was deep in an LSD brain scrub and had a few left. where i took them and called 911 with a smile. it was all clear to me. i had a sit down with a female police officer who let me smoke a couple cigarettes. I never told her i was on acid. i ended up telling the ER doctor i was on a potent 5ht agonist. he said which one? and i declined to answer.

basically the cops treated me so well and i was so happy i thought that the state no longer hated me. i know it was a simple encounter with an officer doing a welfare check.

i don't suggest doing this. But i think the trials with MDMA are legitimate. it's not the drug itself. it's how it's applied. sometimes someone is just looking for a sorry from a judge, a lawyer, a cop a representative of the state. not bogus counselors and SSRIs. i needed therapy. i was struck emotionally to my core and needed something equally as radically shifting in a positive way to mend it.


tired of them injecting people with haldol instead of ketamine.

disclaimer: don't get me wrong I DO TAKE AN SSRI to manage symptoms. this experience should not be repeated. the way they do welfare checks is a trigger still for my ptsd. but today i don't react to sirens and getting pulled over. i honestly believe they care about me. it feels so nice not to be hated.

so to whoever you were police officer, thank you.
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