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Default Re: My friends are ignoring me for no apparent reason. What should I do?

How they're acting doesn't sit right with me either. I have always had a very hard time making friends no matter what, so I tend to hold on to friendships that aren't always good for me. Even though I'm introverted, I still don't want to end up alone with no friends. If I had more options, I would've ditched them a long time ago! Ugh!
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Default Re: My friends are ignoring me for no apparent reason. What should I do?

Originally Posted by jesyka View Post
Thanks. We did have a nice time together one on one which is super rare these days. The other woman who always dominates the convo was with her family that day. You're right about what you said. I believe in open communication to improve friendships. Why would you not recommend that?

I guess because I don't think it makes any difference in situations where someone doesn't respond to invites the way I wish they would. I'm thinking of my own experiences here, not your specific situation with these two women and I am also conflict averse in these kinds of situations, so much more likely to just move on than talk things out.

If someone can't be bothered to reply to an invite or if they say they are interested but never follow up, they are demonstrating how important our friendship is to them. Sometimes friendships go through low contact periods and that's fine, I don't mind. But if I start to notice that I'm the one doing all the invites or the one who always has to compromise or go out of my way, it gives me pause.

If the problem is that someone says they want to get together next week but then never gets back to me when I suggest a date, all they do if I bring up the situation is tell me what they think I want to hear. In reality, I think they *don't* want to see me but don't want to say it directly because it seems rude.
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