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Old Nov 17, 2022 at 10:52 PM
Last night I finally slept well after taking a lorazepam and for the first time in ages I'm actually not having obsessive thoughts related to relationships which is a relief. I've instead just been doing my math work and enjoying time with my Tafe friends at lunch time. I wish it could be like this everyday image how calm I'd feel. To finally be free of anxiety related to anything. Soon I will have CBD to take for my insomnia as my melatonin has finally stopped working plus it's expensive it's $70. Today I couldn't care less if boys think I'm too fat for them because it's like if it was genuine love they wouldn't care about my appearance. It just means I haven't met the right person and that's okay. As for having kids it will happen if and when if it's meant to happen I don' t care. It's just nice to have a break about thoughts about relationships I've really enjoyed my friends company and even thinking about maths lol. Also about the people I will meet next year at my new course. I feel free it's nice to feel relaxed for a change.
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Thanks for this!

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That's all good news. I am happy hear that things are going better and I hope they continue. You deserve a good life!
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