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Trig Jan 29, 2010 at 08:23 AM

I'm just wondering, why is it that self injury activity or ideation is allowed and even has it's own forum, but suicide ideation or thinking isn't allowed?

I understand that suicidal notes are and should not be allowed, but what about thinking about suicide? Just as thinking about self injuring? Or suicide bordering thoughts or ideas? Why aren't those allowed?

Just wondering... this isn't a complain... I just want to understand and learn
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Thanks for this!
Anonymous29402, Pomegranate

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Default Jan 29, 2010 at 01:09 PM
I've wondered about this also.


I'd rather have a visit, note or pretty picture
than an "I'll say a prayer" or a "god bless you."
Doesn't make me feel better, no meaning to me for sure.
Can't stop you from praying and blessing me,
and if that makes you feel better feel free.
But keep it to yourself please, don't tell me.
And let's all respect each other's feelings.
With kindness, support and "sweet dreamings."
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Default Jan 29, 2010 at 01:18 PM
We had a longish discussion about this same subject last year with the latest comment only three weeks ago. Here's _Sabby_'s first reply at #10: Re: suicidal posts.
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Trig Jan 29, 2010 at 01:58 PM

From my perspective, Psych Central just isn't set up to give the kind of direct support someone in crisis like that needs.
I think the site does allow carefully phrased posts that allow the member to express that they are feeling and questioning their life, so that others may give support and help them out of the bad place they are in.
But someone who is so desperate that they are actively thinking about ending their life, well, that calls for immediate and direct support such as a doctor, psychologist, or even rescue or ER gives.

[I was on a site that did have more immediate support... and it really often wasn't what the member wanted... it was a direct notice to admin who tracked the ISP address down, and had police go to the member's home for rescue. It created an atmosphere that no member would even hint that they were feeling depressed, for fear of being visited by police and locked up in a psych ward.]

Plus you have to consider the more mentally unwell who may play with member's hearts and minds by continually threatening "only." (Whether by design or not.)

I prefer the way PC is.

I can't keep a member safe if in crisis like that, and it tugs at me and stresses me (as well as other members) who feel at a loss to help.
When confronted with someone who is in crisis, I support them to the point of making sure ? if that's possible, they call their doctor.

But much of what PC members do here is give support to those who are feeling desperate, to help them change how they are thinking, and to feeling not so desperate, right?

Self harming behavior is rarely actively suicidal. Eating disorders, cutting, risky driving and such (see quote below) are often more of the passive suicidal behavior, and is more manageable on a long term basis. Someone who is actively suicidal doesn't have long term to change.

Non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI) involves direct and deliberate destruction of one’s body without an intent to die. NSSI is sometimes inflicted by youth as a way to change how they feel. The causes and severity of NSSI can vary. Some forms:
√ Cutting
√ Carving
√ Excessive body piercing
√ Tattooing
√ Head Banging
√ Hitting
Picking and pulling skin and hair
Knock et al., 2006
AACAP, 2008;

About some topics not allowed
Believe in Him or not --- GOD LOVES YOU!

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Thanks for this!
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