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Default Re: Schizoaffective check in thread #2

I'm feeling a bit better than yesterday.
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Default Re: Schizoaffective check in thread #2

I'm thinking I want to try some minimalism. This is going to be healthy. I want to try to find beauty products that I can buy over and over again, until I achieve a great healthy dose of vigilance and dedication to these or those products. Or is this sentiment kind of weird/strange? On my own I'm heading down the path of wanting MORE. And I've recently gone through that period where I'm screaming, "I never wanna die!!!!" like that Walk by Foo Fighters song. AND part of this is because of shopping with my you believe I should go with my desires or my head and heart needing to live as one and go on together?

I seem to be heading toward minimal eating territory again. And I think I like it.....I seem to eat during winter more. But one of the docs said it's common to have something like that go on.

So, remember, Keep Breathing and live like Today's the Greatest Day You've Ever Know.
Schizoaffective disorder, bipolar type

Invega: 234 mg injection / Risperidone: 2 mg / Benztropine: 1 mg / Lorazepam: 2 mg / Belsomra: 20 mg / Seroquel: 200 mg / Lithium: 600 mg and 300 mg

Melatonin 5 mg / Apple Cider Vinegar 480 mg

peace : love: happiness
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