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So far, I've been officially diagnosed as having schizotypal personality disorder. However, I'm supposed to be reevaluated by a professional. It's just now a days, I'm NOT AS paranoid as I used to be, I can be a social butterfly at times and I don't particularly have flat emotions but I'm not overly emotional either.
I definitely got the odd beliefs down. I believe I'm a wolf in a human's body. I believe I can feel the texture of people's auras. I believe in like 90% of supernatural creatures. I feel like my grandmother has been reincarnated into the body of my dog.
I definitely got the odd behavior down. I'm 21 years old and I'm not afraid to act like a dog in public such as barking , howling and dragging my butt across the floor. I had sex with a flower to donate sperm to the fairy realms.
I definitely got the odd dress down. I wear a voodoo witch doctor hat and I wear sunglasses even when it's dark.
I can be paranoid but it's really toned down over the years. I could barely be out in public because I thought people had negative energy intentions with me. I still ask why when people ask me questions but I can go out in public just fine now.
Sometimes I can be incredibly introverted but it's more on the lines of because my parents are around and they slide down the pulse lane when I start talking because they don't want me saying anything out of the ordinary and freak people out. I do have friends that I hang out with on occasion and I will actively socialize to people when my parents or work managers aren't around. Even though I can be very social, I'm not particularly close with anyone.
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