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Hello everyone

I have this question that is bothering me for the longest time. One of the traits of StPD is odd or unusual appearance, dress, speach and so on among many others. When I read about personality disorders or when I talk with my therapist I can understand the reason for any other traits like flat affect, magical thinking and so on but I don't understand the cause for this one.

For example, I understand that my flat affect may be the result of unusual thinking process, inappropriate emotions, daydreaming that make me show inappropriate facial expressions, so with time without realizing that I've leaned not to show them at all. I may oversimplify it all but that is an example. While reading about antisocial disorder, borderline disorder and so on I have and idea what could be potential reasons why person acts the way they act. But I couldn't find the information why do some people with stpd among other things dress off.

I am one of those people that look eccentric sometimes. I don't know this untill someone point this out for me. I always thought I just have a total lack of the sense of fashion until I've heard about Stpd from my therapist and read the discription. Then I realised that this part also describes me and it bugs me ever since.

So my question is. Does anyone know what is the working mechanism, the cause, the reason what happens inside persons mind that they look unusual?

Thanks in advance
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